I've been slacking with updating my online accounts for the past months so I decided to finally take some action. One of those is a Tumblr account I created last year mainly containing information and photos of my and my friends' dolls. However I've been busy with work at that time when I started it ( I'm on night shift and sleeps in the afternoon) so I didn't get to post a lot of stuff on that account. 

Which brings me now on the main reason of this post. I updated the resin crue tumblr account just minutes ago and I'll be honest,
it's still a work in progress however I would like to think that it's now decent enough to be viewed.

I've asked permissions from my friends sakura_panickyophilesylphidkitty and moptech to post their dolls' photos and other posts they made on their individual online accounts and I am grateful that they gave me the GO signal to use them.

Pambahay Look

So I decided to make something for Stardust. Since she stays with me at home while working I finally thought of making a "Pambahay Look" for her. I'll definitely make more pambahay outfits for her but for now here's the very first set I made. It took me 3 days to finish both the crop pants and top because I need to focus on work too and because I don't have a sewing machine yet.
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Stardust Robina's answer to the A-Z meme

tagged by Nanz

  - No, I'm taken sorry.

- June 15/Frankfurt Germany

-  teal or any shades of green and blue combined or individually, coral, salmon

-Dance in the rain
  -  Yes!

-essential start to your day
  - yoga then wash and moisturize my face

-First thoughts waking up 
-  what to eat for breakfast

  - to be successful in whatever task I do may it be work or hobby.

-how do you want to die
  - no pain of course!

-instrument/s you play(ed)
  -  saxophone but I'm an amateur

-Job title
  - full-time photographer, freelance writer, part-time model

  -  none at the moment but would love to have two kids after getting married.

  - my parents, Fritz, my friends, my human.

-Mom’s Name
  - Etta Farica Abendroth

- Robina, Robin, Stardust, Ash

-one wish 
- to be with my love ones all the time!

-pet peeves
-   back stabbers, dirty fingernails

-quote from a song
  -  ” you are my waking dream, you're all that's real to me, you are the magic in the world I see" - Suzzzane, Dreams on Fire (from Slumdog Millionaire)

-righty or lefty
- righty

  - Stark Reinhart Abendroth, my lil bro!

  - I like it sometimes.
  - brief style undies, boy shorts style underwear.

-vegetables you don’t like
  - cucumber

  - tiramisu cake

- x-rays you’ve had
  - chest x-ray

-yummy food you can make
  - Caesar salad and desserts like cake because I love to bake!

-zodiac sign
  - gemini

Stardust Answers the Five W

Taken from Stardust's FB account:

Stardust Answers the Five W:

WHO inspires you?

Definitely my parents. My father is someone who directs and produce movies and tv series. I believe that my interest in photography started because of him.He told me that in making movies, cinematography is an important key to make a film more realistic. I fell in love with capturing scenes on different angles and perspective. My mother on the other hand was a model. I love how she carries herself even though she's not in front of the camera. She considers modeling as an art. A way to express a person's emotion or message which I think has a connection with what I mentioned earlier about movies.

WHAT is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

Oh, this happened quite recently. Raiden who is a friend of mine sported a blond hair in a dinner meet during Glacian's birthday. So the gullible me thought for a second that he is someone I know (when I say someone I know I'm referring to Fritz) and I was about to call him when he turned and you know what happened... I just couldn't help myself but to cover my face due to embarrassment. I really don't know that it was Rai sitting on the other end. It was actually a funny moment! Haha!

WHY did you choose your current job/s?

I have simple answer to that. Because I love my jobs! I hold my own schedule. It's good to work on something that doesn't feel like work because you enjoy doing it!

WHEN do you think is the best time to surprise someone?

I guess there's no best time to surprise someone. I mean, there are several occassions you can do that but it won't hurt if you surprise someone on an ordinary day right? Surprises are meant to be done on unexpected time so I guess anytime is the best time.

WHERE will you go if you are given a free two way ticket to a destination of your choice?

Hmm... that's a hard question because I love travelling. I think if I got the ticket now I would say I want to go to South Korea to fetch Fritz myself and drag him home with me haha! I miss him so much that's why Rai's been doing unexpected things like imitating his hair-style to check if he can fool me. Haha!!!

The Mirage

Note: The quote 'was it all just a dream or maybe a vision" came from the anime Vison of Escaflowne. Nanz and I found it suitabl on this scene.



My full name is Stardust Robina Abendroth
Stardust came from the movie title itself (one of my owner's favorite movie)
Robina means famed, shining, bright in German, hence the star
Abendroth means dusk or evening in German
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